How To Improve Vision Without Glasses

How To Improve Vision Without Glasses

Dr. William Bates started formulating his theories on vision improvement over one hundred years ago. Dr. Bates’ methods attempted to improve vision without glasses. Dr. Bates used his techniques for the treatment of a variety of vision problems. He used it for myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, and even problems as severe as macular degeneration. His theories on How to Improve Vision Without Glasses were at odds with established optometry practices.

Dr. Bates postulated that almost all problems with vision could be attributed to eye strain, he felt that eye glasses were never needed, and that they were actually harmful. Dr. Bates published a magazine and a book that detailed his methods for eye strain reduction, and as a consequence, improve eye site. His methods regarding how to Improve Vision Without Glasses involved movement and visualization. He place a lot of importance on imagining the movement of black marks and letters. In addition, he felt that exposure of the eyes to ample sunlight helped decrease eye strain. Thus, is how Dr. Bates aimed to improve vision without glasses.

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You Can Improve Vision Without Glasses

Dr. Bates was a fully trained ophthalmologist. He operated a conventional practice in late 1800′s. He prescribed glasses, just like his colleagues. However, as he continued practicing, he changed his views regarding vision correction completely. How his views to improve vision without glasses, are a matter of debate, but the transformation in his view of vision correction was total.

Dr. Bates’ views regarding how to improve your vision without glasses were very unpopular with his contemporaries. The late stages of his life, prior to his death in 1931, were full of conflict with his contemporaries. There were numerous attempts to discredit him. In fact, just before he died, he was supposed to appear in court.

Over time Dr. Bates held on tightly to his convictions. No one was able to dissuade him from his beliefs regarding vision correction. He believed that a change was required in comprehending the manner in which vision and the mind function. Dr. Bates was fully trained by the medical establishment, and was well acquainted with their arguments against him. The American Optometric Assoc. disbarred Dr. Bates because they said that Dr. Bates had no objective data that conclusively proved his methods to improve vision without glasses led to eyesight improvement. In spite of this, some optometrists and therapists kept utilizing his techniques.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people who practice Bates’ vision correction methods are not physicians, by and large, they are educators. These educators are able to improve vision without glasses.

Have Better Improve Vision Without Glasses


Subsequent to the death of Dr. Bates, his methods continued to get stiff resistance. His student, Margaret Corbett, had charges levied on her of practicing without a license. This occurred in the 1940′s. She ended up being acquitted twice, because she proved that she was merely educating people in regard to their eyes. One of the charges against her was that she promoted a practice that would burn the retina of its users. Although she was acquitted in court, the pressures that were brought to bear served to repress the methods first promulgated by Dr. Bates.

The time that has elapsed from the 1940′s until today are characterized by disarray and fragmentation with regard to the use of Dr. Bates’ methods. Organized groups that advocate the Bates’ methods have been small and repressed. Even fairly recently some teachers of the Bates’ method have been harassed by authorities.

With the advent of the internet, there is a global community that is forming a network of people that are teaching Dr. Bates’ methods. At long last, a movement that has been fragmented in beginning to coalesce.

One of Dr. Bates’ observations, upon which hinge most of his vision correction methods is that people see things not only with their eyes, but with their brain as well. Consequently, his vision correction and improvement methods are a process of education whit exercise that stimulate not only the eyes, but vision centers in the brain.

VISION.jpgchartThese methods emphasize making better us of our eyes in our everyday life. To improve vision we must learn to make use of our mind and eyes simultaneously in a natural and relaxed manner. The basic skills of Dr. Bates’ methods to improve vision without glasses can be learned in a relatively short time, but a lot of time must be spent refining them. Thus, as with any process, putting in a serious effort is more likely to result in positive results.

Even if your eyesight is normal, you can improve and preserve it by use of Bates’ techniques. Many individuals with already good eyesight have benefited in the form of more rapid reading, and better concentration. In addition to vision improvement, there is frequently an enhanced experience of other aspects of vision, such as, depth perception, color, and texture.

Although Dr. Bates’ techniques have been repressed by the medical establishment for many years, they have persisted, due to their efficacy. In spite of fierce resistance, his techniques to improve vision without glasses never vanished, and some practitioners adhered to them. Today, Dr. Bates’ methods are starting to be utilized by many more practitioners and it with the advent of the internet, it is almost impossible for the medical community to repress them any longer.

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Can Dr Bates Vision Without Glasses Program Help?

VISION.jpgbannerIf you happen to be one of the millions of people who have issues with your vision, the chances are that you wear glasses or you are thinking about having corrective surgery. However, there are exercises that you can use to improve vision without glasses on your own without the use of glasses or dangerous surgeries. Many people today are using a number of techniques to help them get their vision back on track from the comfort of their own homes. You too can improve your vision without glasses using some of the exercises from Dr Bates Vision Without Glasses Program that others are so happy to have found.

Can Dr Bates Vision Without Glasses Program Help?

Certainly, there are a lot of different reasons why someone might be suffering from eyesight deterioration. Many people will have weakening eyesight due to an incredible amount of strain or stress on the eyes. Over time, this can cause your eyesight to become weak. If you happen to have issues developing with your vision, you will want to look for ways how to improve vision without glasses that can improve the situation. Simply ignoring the problem can lead to much bigger problems with your eyes down the road now would be the right time to utilize Dr. Bates Vision Without Glasses Program.

A lot of people do not realize that their eyes are really just like any other part of the body. When you want to remain fit, you will be sure that you do certain exercises to target the muscles of your body that need the most work. The same can be said about your eyes. By using various vision without glasses exercises to work the eye muscles, you can start to improve your vision without glasses. At the same time, you must give your eyes an ample amount of time to relax whenever you can.


Vision Without Glasses Program Eye Exercises

One of the most common vision without glasses program eye exercises that can be done by just about anyone is what is known as Palming. By simply using your hands and placing them over your eyes for a few minutes you can give your eyes a good rest. For best results, simply warm your hands before covering your eyes. This method of calming the eye muscles and darkening the area for a few minutes each day can be key in “how to improve vision without glasses “over time. The best part is, it is easy to do as well as free and painless exercise in the vision without glasses program. As a matter of fact, it can be quite soothing.

All too often, people will sit in front of the television or on the computer for long periods of time, not realizing how much damage they are doing to their eyes. By noticing your pattern of looking and watching during the day, you can start to work on ways to improve your vision without glasses before any real damage starts. It is really a matter of finding the best eye exercises in Dr Bates Vision Without Glasses Program that work for you and fit in with your busy lifestyle. You might even find that a couple of the easy vision improving exercises are something that you don’t even want to miss out on each day.

Does Dr Bates Vision Without Glasses Program Work

Certainly. However not every exercise will be right for everyone and there are a lot of exercises out there that you can try in order to improve your vision without glasses. When you find that you are noticing that your eyesight is starting to become strained or your eyes are starting to bother you more often than they used to, you will want to start off with the soothing exercises to get the healing underway. Use Dr. Bates Vision Without Glasses Program wonderful resources on “how you can improve vision without glasses”. By taking the first steps in the vision without glasses program for healing your eyes, you will start to see incredible results that will make your eyes feel better and your vision stellar in no time.

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Finally: Better Vision Without Glasses Naturally

 Better Vision Without Glasses Naturally

According to the Vision Council of America, over 65 percent of the American population uses some sort of a corrective vision enhancement device. Glasses and contact lenses provide the much needed vision correction for those with less than perfect vision. While these vision aids are helpful, they are only short term solutions for the long term problem of bad vision. What most people are not aware of is the fact that better vision without glasses naturally is quite possible.

Better Vision Without Glasses: How Glasses Hurt Your Eyes

Wearing glasses or any form of artificial lenses for an extended period of time actually leads to your eyes getting weaker.  This is because of your eye’s natural tendency to correct itself when foreign objects, your glasses, are placed in front of them, leading to bad vision habits being formed in the eye but you can improve vision without glasses. It is easier than you think to have better vision without glasses.

Many people who switch from glasses to contact lenses have even noticed that their vision seems to get worse over time.  Your eye’s natural ability to heal is hindered when wearing these vision aids constantly because your eyes start to become dependent on your glasses or contact lenses. Learning how to properly relax your eyes can not only help your vision improve, but proper eye relaxation techniques can aid in the reversal of poor vision using eye exercises to improve vision.

Better Vision Without Glasses: Factors That Can Affect Your Vision

Throughout our daily lives we are surrounded by stress filled situations. This stress takes it’s toll on the body in the form of increased blood pressure, headaches, and other factors.  Your vision is also affected when mental strain is increased by stressful situations. Avoiding stress as much as possible is a great way to help have better vision without glasses.

Another factor that negatively affects your vision is your diet. Your diet, in turn, affects your mood, and your mood increases the amount of stress and strain you exert when trying to see. Optometrists agree that sleep also plays an important role to improve vision without glasses as well. Getting the proper rest at night is important to have better vision without glasses because it helps improve blood circulation thereby reducing the amount of stress your body deals with.

How do you know that your vision is being affected by stress?  When your body is stressed it let’s you know by causing your head to hurt. Frequent complaints of migraines or minor headaches is a sure sign that your vision is being affected by the stress that your body is exposed to.

Better Vision Without Glasses: Get Started Now

When you first start on your journey how to get better vision without glasses you’ll need to allow your body time to adjust to see without glasses.  At first it may seem your vision is blurry, but over time if you continue to monitor your diet and sleep patterns, you will see your vision start to improve.

There are also vision improvement exercises that you can do at home that aid in promoting cohesion of functions for the various parts of your eye.  This results in a gradual correction of your vision over time. Some people who have been wearing glasses for years may need to gradually cut down on the amount of time that the glasses are worn, but exercising your eyes regularly will help speed up the process of vision improvement.

Having bad vision is not a life sentence of glasses or contacts. With the proper diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercising of your eyes you can be well on your way to better vision without glasses naturally. Most of these vision improvement exercises only take 10 to 15 minutes, and can be performed in the convenience of your home.

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